Vibration White Finger Claims 

Millar McCall Wylie have obtained compensation for employees across Northern Ireland who have developed Vibration White Finger, also known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome as result of excessive exposure to vibrating tools. These workers have used vibrating tools in a variety of jobs including construction, coach building and joinery works. They have used tools such as jackhammers, pneumatic drills, chainsaws as part of their day to day employment.

Employers are under a legal duty to protect employees against the harmful effects of vibrating tools but many have unfortunately failed to do so.

Vibration White Finger affects the nerves , joints , muscles, blood vessels or connective tissues of the arm and forearms. The main symptoms of Vibration White Finger are;

- Tingling ‘whiteness’ or numbness in the fingers.
- Fingers change colour (especially when exposed to cold)
- Loss of ability to use hands with pain and loss of grip strength.

Millar McCall Wylie can provide specialist advice on whether you can claim compensation for Vibration White Finger. Even if the Company you worked for is no longer trading we can trace the insurance details for the Company. We will obtain the medical evidence required to support your claim and will assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injury.

If you believe you may have a claim for Vibration White Finger please contact William McSorley on 028 90200050 or email