Minimal Impact Road Traffic Claims

MMW Associate William McSorley was recently instructed in a ‘minimal impact’ personal injury road traffic accident claim. A mother and her son were in a vehicle which was rear ended by another vehicle. They both were claiming compensation for personal injuries as a result of the impact. The insurance company for the other driver defended the claim on the basis that no personal injuries injures could have resulted from an accident which only caused £30.00 worth of damage to the registration plate of their insured’s vehicle.

These claims very much depend on the credibility of the injured party. In this instance both mother and son had attended physio for neck and back complaints and the son had been referred for an MRI scan. The insurance company insisted that the matter proceeded to Court but just before the matter was to be heard made satisfactory offers of compensation which were accepted by our clients.

It is of note that prior to the instruction of MMW the mother had sought advice from another solicitor who had refused to take this case on. Insurance companies and the Courts are alive to the potential for fraudulent claims in minimal impact claims and cases are dismissed on a weekly basis by the Courts. These cases handled by MMW however clearly illustrate that if someone has been involved in a minimal impact accident but has personal injuries which are genuine and documented, they are entitled to be compensated for their injuries.

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